Japanese post-rock band kowloon comes to Hong Kong and Soul!

kowloon [ metallic, exotic ASIA tour ]

Japanese instrumental band kowloon plays in Hong Kong and Soul on this weekend. Do you live in Hong Kong or Soul? Do you have a plan to travel to Hong Kong or Soul? Why don't you come to see them!?


kowloon official website   http://kxwlxxn.net/

kowloon "tones of nowhere" PV from kxwlxxn on Vimeo.

kowloon's profile...

The trio band by Teppei Takahashi <高橋鉄兵> (bass, guitar, micro KORG), Keisaku Nakamura <中村圭作> (keyboard, synthesizer) and Taichi Umeki <梅木太一> (drums). kowloon released their 1st album "infection" on 2007. After that they also released live recording albums called "LIVE: 下北沢変身" and "LIVE: 南青山変身" as a limited edition. Their music expressed by mellow phrase by keyboards and intense but danceable rhythm section. These sounds are mixing and cultivating each other by members. This is the URBANxCrossOver post-rock sound. kowloon's sound endorsed by independent music scene in Japan, and they had a great success on Japan tour in 2008 with toe and mouse on the keys.

高橋鉄兵(bass, guitar, micro KORG)、中村圭作(keyboard, synthesizer)、梅木太一(drums)によるトリオ。2007年にファースト・アルバム『infection』、そして、会場限定のライヴ・アルバム『LIVE: 下北沢変身』と『LIVE: 南青山変身』を発表。メロウに洗練されたキーボードと、時に激しく、ダンサブルなリズム隊が独創的な音響空間でせめぎ合うアーバン・クロスオーバーなポスト・ロック・サウンドは、インディペンデントな音楽シーンで支持を集め、2008年には toemouse on the keys とのツアーを大成功に収めた。

White Noise 7th Anniversary presents
Kowloon (JPN) Metallic, Exotic Release Tour Live in Hong Kong
Opening Act: For 返 (HK)
Date : 16th Sep 2011 (Friday)
Time : 8:30PM til late
Venue: Hidden Agenda http://hiddenagendahk.com/
Address: 香港觀塘大業街25號高良工業大廈6樓全層 6/F,
      Ko Leung Industrial Bldg, 25 Tai Yip Street, Kwun Tong, Hong Kong
Ticket : 200HKD (Adv) 230HKD (At Door) 210HKD (E-TICKET)
Tickets are available now at the outlet below.
online e-ticket available now at www.whitenoiserecords.org Online E-tickets are available now at white noise website, the ticket will be collected at the door on the show day.
White Noise Records (Enquiry: 2591 0499)
香港銅鑼灣耀華街21號華耀商業大廈19樓1901室 Room 1901, 19/F,
Workingview Commercial Building,21 Yiu Wa Street, Causeway Bay

achime Proudly Presents - kowloon tour Korea 2011
at Live Club 打[ta:] 서울시 마포구 서교동 407-6 B1
18th Sep 2011 (SUN)
PM 19:00
Lineup : kowloon / achime Prepay 20000 / OnSite 25000