TOPIC: 台湾ビッグイシューの2013年1月号デザイン


1月1日発売の台湾ビッグイシュー。今回も聶永真(Nieh Yung-Chen※通称アーロン・ニエ)による逸脱した素晴らしい表紙デザイン。彼に2012年8月に会ったとき、「僕は美しいデザインよりも、クレイジーなデザインがしたい」と言っていた。「美しいデザインは美しいデザインでしかない。クレイジーなデザインって、人を変えたり動かすから。」と。


This is the cover picture of the latest issue of THE BIG ISSUE TAIWAN released on 1st Jan 2013. I'm surprised to see this fantastic and crazy design. It was designed by Nieh Yung-Chen aka Aaron Nieh. He is an art director and graphic designer based in Taipei, Taiwan. I visited to his office in August 2012. On that time he told me "I wanna design as crazy rather than beautiful. Because, beautiful design is just beautiful. We won't be touched by it. But crazy design will move people."

In any case, current issues of THE BIG ISSUE TAIWAN are covered by his REALLY crazy design. In fact, the editors of TBI TAIWAN never request to him for redesign. They trust his work absolutely, they told me when I visited the office of TBI Taiwan.

Here is a link for inside of THE BIG ISSUE TAIWAN. The latest issue features "words".

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