TOPIC: 北京で活動する写真家223・Ren Hangー香港で展示開催中

Lin Zhi Peng(a.k.a. 223) is an independent photographer based in Beijing. Offshore has introduced about his photographs as an article last year. In the beginning, I was just digging or seeking something on internet, then I found him accidentally. His photographs has expressed the reality of youth. Those make us nostalgic, painful and sometimes lively.

His joint exhibition is held at Blind Spot Gallery in Hong Kong with a photographer Ren Hang. Ren Hang is based in Beijing too. And we can find similarity between Ren Hang and 223. I'm sure that this is the most interesting points of this exhibition, the both photographers have some points in common. But as you know, their thoughts and expresses are quite different even if they are in the same generation and same city.

223ことLin Zhi Peng、Ren Hangの2人。表面に見える共通点の奥にある、2人の決定的な違いを発見できる興味深い展示になりそうだ。

By the way, the venue Blindspot Gallery is opposite to PMQ. I'll post about PMQ in Hong Kong asap, it is getting popular among creators in whole Asia. (It hasn't opened yet.)

Equal Relationships
223 (aka Lin Zhi Peng) and Ren Hang

18th Jan - 28th Feb 2013
Blindspot Gallery

Ren Hang

Offshore: 若者のリアルな日常を切り取る北京在住フォトグラファー:223インタビュー