TOPIC: アジア7都市のデザイナーと制作物が来阪『type trip to Osaka』

Offshoreでも何度か紹介した『typographics ti:』は、日本タイポグラフィ協会が発行する協会誌。2011年4月より8号にわたり、アジアのデザインに焦点をあててきた。関西で主に活躍するグラフィック・デザイナー自身がアジアに取材旅行に出かけ、それぞれの地で活躍するデザイナーに取材。ソウル・シンガポール・香港・深圳・台北・バンコク・北京、計7都市。それぞれの地におけるデザインシーンの特徴や現地デザイナーの哲学、時には彼らが持つ問題意識も伝えてきた。

バイリンガル大阪アートガイドマップFLAGを発行するOOO Projectsの後藤哲也氏が編集長を務める『typographics ti:』。誌面にて展開されていたアジアのデザインを探る旅が、参加者全員が体験する形でのイベントで締めくくられる。各地域のデザイナーの制作物展示はもちろん、7都市から7組のデザイナーを招き、全員がインタビュアーとして参加できるトークセッション「InterView」も開催。

Offshore posted about "typographics ti:" at Facebook several times. It's a magazine for the members of Japan Typography Association. Since April 2011, this magazine has issued "type trip to Asia" series. The editors group consists of graphic designers based in Osaka, and they travelled to seven cities in Asia for interview to local graphic designers. Those eight issues showed us beautiful works by local designers and their original thoughts. The chief editor of typographics ti: is Tetsuya Goto, he is known as a publisher and editor of foreigner's art guid map of Osaka "FLAG".
"type trip to Asia" was an issue on printed magazine, but this time, we will be able to have own experience as talking with Asian designers and seeing their works in action.

第190回企画展 GRAPHIC WEST 5
type trip to Osaka typographics ti:#270

Offshoreとしての注目は、もちろん、No.223のディレクションTHE BIG ISSUE TAIWANの表紙デザインを手がける聶永真(NIEH Yung-Chen※通称:アーロン・ニエ)の来阪。


Offshore is very glad to know that Taiwanese graphic designer NIEH, Yung-Chen(聶永真) comes to Osaka for joining talk session. He has designed the cover of THE BIG ISSUE TAIWAN, also he is an art director of No.223.

Anyway, it will be a great opportunity because we Japanese have few chance to see neighbor designs, still now. Each countries have different history, economy and social. So we can realize the difference of designing between each countries through this exhibition and talk sessions. It must be interesting for you!

Here is the website of this exhibition. You can see some images of Asian designers' works.