TOPIC: A documentary video of Books Actually Singapore

BooksActually : The Documentary from booksactually on Vimeo.

シンガポールの本屋Books Actuallyのドキュメンタリービデオがvimeoにて公開中。
向かいには40Handsというコーヒー屋さん。Books Actuallyで買った本を40Handsで読むのは至福のコース。
開店当初はビジネスとして失敗していたとのことだが、それでもあきらめず試行錯誤を繰り返しながら、オリジナル文具を作ったりシンガポールの若手作家の作品を出版したりと、そうしていくことでシンガポールの人たちの支持を得て今も続いているという。インディペンデントでありローカルに根ざす。26:00あたり、グレーのTシャツの男性が話す。「Books Actuallyはシンガポールで唯一の本当の本屋だ。」朗読会なども企画し、人が集まりコミュニケーションが生まれるBooks Actually。マネージャーのケニーさんを始め、このお店に関わる人たちの強い意志を感じるビデオ。

The best book shop in Singapore Books Actually has released their own story how to express their concept as a local independent book shop.
I've been to there twice a week when I was traveling Singapore. I was enjoying to select a book written by Singaporean writer and read it at 40Hands coffee shop which is opposite to Books Actually.
At that time, I just knew the name and address of Books Actually so I didn't know about their thoughts. But I could understand what Books Actually want to do. I found many Singaporean literatures, poems, essays and photo books at there. Also I visited other book shops in Singapore which are managed by cooperations, but I couldn't find such local books what I met at Books Actually. Today I really want to introduce their documentary video it explains their thoughts and strong mind.

This video is a little bit long if you're in busy days. I picked some points up at here.
Books Actually had been failure as a business in very beginning.
There is a natural reason why they has made their original stationary.
They have created a place to communicate through books and public reading for local people.
They are publishing books written by Singaporean new writers.
A man who is wearing gray T-shirt, he says Books Actually is only one REAL book shop in Singapore. (This talking appears around 26:00 on this video. I agree with him!)