TOPIC: 映画『サウダーヂ』バンコクで上映会

日本で話題となった映画『サウダーヂ』がバンコクのオルタナティブスペースThe Reading Roomで上映。富田克也監督のトークも。

Poster of 『SAUDADE』 Thai edition

A film directed by Katsuya Tomita has become a phenomenon among underground film lovers in Japan. The film is called "SAUDADE". It will be screened at The Reading Room in Bangkok. Also the director Katsuya Tomita appear and talk about the film. It's a story about youth and labors from Brazil and Thailand based in Kofu city in Yamanashi prefecture.

SAUDADE, Color, 35mm, 160 minutes, 2011

The Reading Room

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