TumblrのようなLOFTERで中国のGIFを知る GIF from China

Are you Tumblring?

Of course I'm enjoying to meet influenced quotation, funny images, fantastic GIF animation and sometimes boring posts.
Yesterday I found Tumblr-like website on internet, it seems to be managed by web developer in mainland China. called Lofter. Have you seen it before?

Lofter has launched on september 2011. So this might not be the latest news but I tried to use it and found some amazing GIF animations. Nowadays Lofter is getting huge numbers of PV and growing up.

First, here is my lofter page. I "rebloged" many fantastic GIF animations already. I felt something like Chinese individual sense from those. What do you think? On Tumblr, most of popular GIF makers are from Europe or US, I guess. To comparing Tumblr and Lofter, don't you feel more orientally from Lofter?
Some of them has story like a short film. Although they don't make us laugh, they make us think about our life. I'm serious too much, I know... It's just on internet.

And I show you interfaces of Lofter. These are why I named "Tumblr-like". But please understand, this is not a blame to Lofter. I really do not care about every social network has similar interface or aim.



Here are the entrance views of Lofter. I believe these photographs was not shot in mainland China.

This is an introduction of Lofter. Lofterのイントロダクション。

I put my info and made my account! 情報を入力してアカウントを作る。

Got it! I succeeded to make my Lofter account and here is the world of Lofter!

I found funny GIF animation. Let's "reblog" right now!

Also I found some Lofter-ers. The theme designs are better than Weibo.
*Weibo is the most popular micro blog in mainland China.

Rebloging and following many interesting posts and Lofter-ers. About one hour later, I backed to my homepage on Lofter. Many people uploaded something! (Look at the red mark.)

I can make more blogs at Lofter. It's easy to use even if I don't understand Chinese, because I'm a user of Tumblr! Then this handwritten message is cute. I haven't found such a cute handwritten on Tumblr.

Today I introduced another world in mainland China. I just had a fun to see GIF animations and photographs from mainland China. I guess most of them are not grabbed from Tumblr, maybe. But in fact I found some GIF animations those was inspired from very famous GIF animations in Tumblr.

Actually Tumblr has not been banned to see therefore I wonder why Lofter has been established. I'm getting busy to check Tumblr, facebook, Weibo, Twitter, Lofter and so on... However Lofter would be a good network to know what Chinese creators thinking are.